About Us

Our Guiding Philosophy

Nothing can be as important as our children. They are the future of our families and the world. Celebrating 30 years of excellence in education at the pre-primary level in Ahmedabad, which includes 3-years abroad, Mother's Pet has continuously shared the concerns of the children, parents and teachers about quality education at the pre-primary level. At Mother’s Pet, our philosophy governs our efforts. The thoughts generated over a period of time have evolved into a learning that shapes our children. We believe and try to implement the following:

  • Participatory learning is the best learning methodology.
  • Playway methods brings out the best in a child.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!
  • Music brings joy to life.
  • Celebration is the juice of life.
  • Closer to nature, Closure to God!
  • Discipline is the key to success.
  • Confident person shapes the life better.
  • Sharing and giving brings happiness and joy.
  • Children learn from parents, so parents must learn.

Our Goal

Mother’s Pet wants its children to be healthy, successful and independent so that they are able to function in the real world, which is a demanding pace.
The goal at Mother’s Pet is not to speed up development, but rather, to ensure that each child has the best possible opportunity to learn and grow at each stage of development.
Each child is treated as an individual. This is our personal sense of pride. Our efforts are to give the children exposure to the real world and to help them to grow into enlightened youth, who can enliven and enrich the world.

From The Director's Desk

Being the Director of a unique pre-primary centre of Ahmedabad, I know first-hand that parents of young children are increasingly aware of the importance of effectiveness of the exposure towards early learning. In fact, my global exposure and my pioneering efforts in the field of early education have given Mother’s Pet a leading edge over other inexperienced educationalists. At Mother’s Pet, our philosophy which developed over a period of time has evolved into the learning programmes and experiences that shape our children today. Just as Arjun’s target was the bird’s eye, my sole purpose is to develop the individual child through proper training and experiences so that they become happy and successful. I believe :

  • The best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children.
  • Childhood is seen as valid in itself. As part of life and not simply as preparation for adulthood.
  • The whole child is important, Health – mental and physical is emphasized as well as the importance of feelings and thinking and spiritual aspects.
  • Learning is not compartmentalized, for everything is linked and connected.
  • What children can do (rather than what they cannot do) is the starting point of a child’s education.
  • Intrinsic motivation, resulting in child- initiated, self-directed activity, is valued.
  • Self discipline is emphasized.
  • An inner life exists within the child, which emerges especially under favourable conditions. This is what we try to provide an honest an healthy environment.
  • Subjects such as mathematics and art cannot be separated; young children learn in an integrated away and not in neat, tidy compartments.
  • Relationships with other people (both adult and children) are of central importance in child’s life.
  • - Mrs. Rita Mehta


It will not be out of place to mention a few note worthy milestones in our journey:

  • A Nursery Rhymes Audio Cassette was produced and launched at Sports Club. The need of the same was felt when the commercially available cassettes lacked the content desired.
  • The first ever Bunny Group (for Nursery Children) in Gujarat is established at Mother’s Pet by Bharat Scouts and Guide Sangh in the year 2003 -04.
  • Our Director established a Primary and Secondary English Medium at Shri Mirambika School. She devoted five years to establish the same and then handed over the management to their Gujarati Medium to fully concentrate on her younger children!
  • To cater to the needs of developing areas of satellite ( many children were denied admission from this area because of the distance the young kids had to travel) a branch has opened near Judge’s Bungalow. Some new features like a children Gym are added in this branch. It is a matter of pride that this branch is also running to its full capacity in its first year of operation.
  • It is also a matter of respect that a several prestigious companies wish to conduct programs with our institute. Times of India and Wee Wonder regularly report our activites.
  • Kores India conducts painting competitions exclusively at our centre.
  • Birla Sun Life Insurance invited our parents to explain them the needs of Insurance Planning. And the list is growing!
  • HDFC is associated with us recently!

Past, Present & Future

Even though Mother’s Pet had a very humble beginnings but the vision was not. The desire, the drive and the dedicaiton to achieve that vision has brought us to a stage where it is recognized as one of the best Pre-Primary centres of Ahmedabad. And now it is going to become the one and only pre-primary of Ahmedabad to have its own well designed building to run its activities.
From two custom built rooms in a backyard, we will take our children and parents to a new and vibrant environment. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling! We wish that all our parents become part of this VISION and achievement. It will not be out of place to describe Mother’s pet as a tree whose seeds were sown on foreign soil. However it has grown into a healthy tree on Indian soil due to the careful nurturing of our Director, Mrs. Rita Mehta, and her dedicated team of teachers and helpers.

Training The Teachers

We do not stop enriching children, mothers or parents. Teachers, who take care of our children are also our concern. Their development will help the children. So, specific programmes aimed with this purpose are organized from time to time.

  • Training programmes were arranged at Lonawala and Mt. Abu.
  • Mr. Kumar conducted a course on Language control and communication at Pleasure Club in the year 2001 where teachers learnt the art of positive communication with children.
  • Regular training by Centre Director Mrs. Rita Mehta (an educationist to the core) helps all the teachers to understand children’s behavior.
  • In house programmes for training are a regular feature of Mother’s Pet. One such program is being conducted by Mr. Naresh Boradia and Mrs. Minaxi which the teachers enjoy a lot!